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Hello welcome to my page !!!! Hope you enjoy your stay !! I've only been playing with this HTML stuff for a little while and I think i'm starting to get the hang of it ......I

I'm gonna put some links on here somewhere to hunting site's and funny sites hope you laugh your ass off ....after all isn't that what a puter is for ???

OK alittle about myself I love to hunt and fish but I do alot more hunting then fishing..I hunt for Ducks,Deer,Moose almost anything that has an open season....*S* and for the fishing I mainly just fish for Pickerel{Walleye} they are one in the same just people call them by different names...I do some bass fishing . Last but surly not least my PUTER I like it almost as much as I do hunting....yeah right!! lol

Seems latly that most of my time latly has been taken up by this page and my girlfriends page you will see a link to it below If you like wolves and what not stop by and check it out she has some real cool pics of wolves!!! You will also see some cool pics of other animals on my page and some videos if I can figure out how to get them to So if you explore my pages you will soon learn I am an animal lover, I love to hunt them but I also have a great appreciation for them!!! All wildlife was put on earth to enjoy both hunting and watching!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mystify's page!!
This is that link i was talking about with those cool wolf pics
Steve's page!!!!
This is a cool site Go check it out !!!
Dave's Hunting Page!!
My Hunting site!!

Down below you will see a RUNNING MOOSE, If you click on it, It will you return you to mine and Myst's Home page don't forget!! This MOOSE you will find him at the bottom of all MY pages !!!

See someone else has been here times.

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