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Some symptoms of FMS are listed below:

*MUSCULAR PAIN- This pain must be on a fairly consistent level and having lasted at least 3 months.(Major criterior)

*FATIGUE- Again another problem that must be present for a period of time for indications of FMS.(Major criterior)

*INSOMNIA- This again is a major criterior and a problem that is suffered by a high ratio of FMS patients.(Major criterior)

*JOINT PAIN- Although no inflammation of indicated artheritis, patient suffers as such. Again suffered by a high ratio.

*HEADACHES- This would be a sudden change in headaches, for those who may suffer from migraine it would be a change in the indication of migraine. Suffered by over 50% of FMS patients.

*RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME- The constant shaking or vibrating of the legs while sitting. Also in reference to the tingling, itchy feeling making the patient scratch or feel a need to continually scratch interfering with sleep. Suffered by over 50% of FMS patients.

*NUMBNESS AND TINGLING- Another symptom of indication of artheritis but eliminated a symptom suffered by over 50% of FMS patients.

*IMPAIRED MEMORY- This would be in reference to a short term memory. (why did I come in this store?..I forgot.) (Where did I just put that thing.... I just had it in my hands.) This symptom is suffered by a little under 50% percent of the FMS patients, but if suffered can be a problem for those who do suffer from it.

*LEG CRAMPS- This would be indication of muscle spasms. I personally get those in other parts of the body not just the legs. Suffered by a little of the 50% margin.

*IMPAIRED CONCENTRATION- The inability to focus on certain things, this would greatly effect a person's ability to read a book or a newspaper, or to accomplish something that may require step by step by the 2nd or 3rd instruction all is lost with only confusion remaining. Its almost if things scatter through the mind, words hop off pages boggling you. Although this symptom is suffered by approximately 40% of FMS patients it is one that definitely leaves in mark.

*NERVOUSNESS- This is a difficult one to explain or understand but one I suffer a great deal from. This one is responsible for what is referred to as Flares of FMS. Will tend to bring all indications on full bloom. Therefor I personally try to avoid any circumstances that will cause any nervousness in my system (although a difficult task to do.) This symptom can be so intense it is evolved into a fear, making persons who suffer afraid to go out anywhere, feeling only comfortable and safe in their homes.

*DEPRESSION- This is suffered by a very low percentage of FMS patients but nevertheless suffered by some. I would like to refer to my original statement that depression is caused by the suffering and emotional difficulties that FMS brings into the lives of those who have it, DOES NOT CAUSE FMS and is not a criterior in diagnosis although it is a question you may be asked.

*EYES- Eyes may either be very dry at times or may water at other times. This is caused by the Trigger Points in the eyes.

*THERMAL SYSTEM NOT RIGHT- Indication of poor blood circulation; body temperature does not warm properly and takes some time to adjust. This makes cold weather exceptionally difficult for us as what keeps others warm outside don't work for us. I find due to the temp problem my muscles tend to go in shock leading to extra pain and spasms. This temperature fluctuation goes to the other extreme of heat too. May get heat flashes during movement and have to wait for body to cool down.

*TIGHTNESS- This tightness constricts the peripheral blood vessles; which are the ones closest to the skin. Some FMS patients may notice these blood vessels have surfaced themselves closer to the surface and our now more visible than before. This is the indication that may effect us in the colder seasons and our cirulation making parts of our bodies feel very cold.(Usually the meatier parts).

*SKIN- Skin may take on a difference appearance; a mottled look. Now some confuse skin rashes to be in direct result of FMS; this is in general cause by certain medications that are used to treat FMS which cause your skin to be extra sensitive to the sun light; therfor causing the rashes.

IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME- Most commonly suffered during a flare of FMS. This is triggered by spasms in the bowels, commonly triggered by the Trigger Points in the abdominal area,stress, diet, medication or also sun in my case. This is in reference to the uncontrolable bouts of diareaha and abdominal pains.

*IRRITABLE BLADDER SYNDROME- You may have noticed that since you have had Fibromyalgia you have made many trips to the washroom, this is because the bladder is related to the Trigger Points in the abdominal area causing the bladder to be hypersensitive. The feeling of needing to urinate more frequently may even awake you at nighttime. When you are urinating it is unlikely that you are able to completely empty your bladder therefor causing the feeling of needing to urinate more frequently.

*SUGAR CRAVINGS- This is likely brought on by the lack of nutrients and energy in our bodies that people with FMS suffer from. Although the sugar may give us a quick boost it is very temporary and will result in a more intense tired, fatigued feeling once the initial boost is gone. Therefor sugars should be avoided!!

*DIZZINESS AND NAUSEA- These feelings are definitely no stranger to someone who suffers from FMS. They may be triggered by sudden movement of the head; another trigger point related to the eyes. The eyes don't follow when the head jerks to look; this may cause the dizziness and nausea. Although I find nausea is a regular companion for me.

*FlU LIKE SYMPTOMS- Person's with FMS generally feel flu like illness, achy feeling all over, sinus drainage (especially when lying down),and many suffer from respiratory complications as well.