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One method of treatment that your doctor will consider is sleep aids in a low doses. This is best as it will help to reduce habit forming dependency. This method is taken due to the fact that sleep is a major criterior with Fibromyalgia. The body will repair itself; therefor it is vital for a patient with FMS to maintain a level of sleep in the 4th phase in order for their body to heal properly. The 4th level is the deepest phase of sleep; this is the phase required for the repairing and healing to take place within one's own body. It is the phase of sleep that most FMS patients are unable to acquire, therefor the body loses it's ability to heal and repair. Now during my studies of this method I have found that there are some contoversies. Some believe the sleep aids do help us to maintain this level of sleep, and others feel that it does not; that it simply masks the problem. The real problem lies in the beta alpha waves and sleep aids can not repair that only appearing to do so. I found personally with prolonged use of sleep aids the sleep problem began to intensify; whereas in the earlier phase of med appeared to help.

Another method that may be considered is treatment by using a medication known as an NSAID; this is a nonsteroid, anti-inflammatory drug. This is known to help some in reducing the pain levels that they may experience. With my own experience I found that although maybe helping one symptom they tended to trigger another one to intensify. This meaning the stomach and bowel areas. I found that due to my stomach problems and sensitivity to medication the NSAIDS cause serious stomach problems; resulting in bleeding in areas one should not bleed. If you are using this method and find that your bowel and stomach problems increase and experience any abnormal bleeding this is not normal and should be reported. An example of an NSAID would be Ibuprofen, any med containing the content of Aspirin.

Another method may also be to boost one's serotonin level in their body by using medication that will do this. Serotonin is a neuro-transmitter that can modulate pain, sleep and even the immune systems functions. though; as serotonin treatment may not be a good alternative for them. If this form of medication is referred it will likely be in small doses. Some medications that one may be prescribed that fit in this category may be Flexeril, Elavil, Prozac, Paxil, Sinequan, Xanax, or Klonopin. I personally was on Sinequan and boy the side effects to it were incredible!! Needless to say I no longer take this prescription. Some of these drugs can lead to problems of the mind if not taken properly; such as hallucinations; it is just as equally important when stopping any of these meds to do so on a slow withdrawal basis.

I also feel that at this point it is important to mention that persons with FMS react different to medications than what another person without FMS will; or even than another person with FMS will. So while seeking a treatment that benefits you keep this in mind and always report to your doctor what you feel may be an abnormal reaction or insignificant response to any meds you may be placed on.

Physical Therapy is considered by most doctor's to be beneficial, but I believe it is important to have a therapist that understands your pain and what may trigger it. Daily exercise is also recommended; short walks, swimming, and light muscle stretching exercises. Remember though that you are not trying to run for a marathon; DO NOT overwork your muscles and work with your own personal level of pain and what your own body can do. You may not be capable of working your muscles as much as another person with FMS may be; as there are different levels of intensity of FMS some from mild to dehibilitating. The exercising method is believed to help fight the fatigue that we feel.

Diet is an important way to help a person deal with FMS; and probably one of my weaker spots. Many times someone who suffers from FMS may have little to no appetite at times, therefor their eating habits may be very scattered and poor. Our diet should be very well balanced and containing proteins.Proteins is an important supplement for us as it helps to heal tissues. Also foods containing a proper amount of fatty acids. Foods that one may consider avoiding would be the food allergen groups such as milk, corn, wheat, eggs, pepper, and potatoes. One should also avoid the foods that create acids in the system such as red meats, caffeines, or carbonated drinks. Also sugar should be avoided; although this one may be difficult as it is noted that many persons with FMS actually crave a higher intake of sugars.

Your DHEA level may be another consideration; if your doctor were to test you for this he would likely find that your DHEA level was low. This is a steroid hormone (mother of hormones) when a higher level of this is found- so is vitality and health; whereas when it is low the body is more susceptible to disease or any other age relating effects. With the higher DHEA level you would be able to resist things such as stress, anxiety, aging, and chronic pain. For people with FMS these things drop our DHEA levels leaving our bodies wide open for sickness and pain.

One thing I would like to add here is that I am a believer that when one puts medications into their bodies they are simply adding one toxic in order to help eliminate another. I personally take no medications at this present time; and although I will not pretend that my life is pain free it is void of complications that may be brought on by other medications. If you are on medications try looking up the medications that you are presently taking and research the possiblities of yet adding on another health problem. Perhaps consider looking into more natural approaches with vitamins or all natural medications, acupuncture or light massage therapies. This will take some time and research to find what it is that you would benefit from. I personally began taking an all natural herbal remedy about 1 year ago called fever few. A newer herb I have been using as well is astragalus Originally I took feverfew for my migraines as a preventative. It cut my headaches back from darn near every day to 3 severe attacks a month which was a GOD SEND. Little did I know at the time it benefited other areas of my body, but this was discovered when I quit taking fever few for a week and couldn't get out of bed cause I hurt all over so bad. This prompted me to do more research into the herbal remedy whereupon I discovered not only was it good for headaches, but also good from artheritis, inflammation, Uteran problems, and even helped the blood enzymes where the plateletes are concerned. I am in pain everyday so while previously on the remedy I did not realize the muscular skeletal pain it was relieving until I did without it and then it all became clear. I would strongly recommend others as to considering this herbal remedy which can be purchased at most health remedy stores. Astragalus is a wonderful overall immune strengthener and energy supplement. It is great for strengthening all of the internal organs and helping to fight off infection. I find it is great for the respiratory problems that patients run into that have FMS as it is a strong respiratory herb.
I will also be doing a home remedy site and natural herb site that some may feel beneficial to them so keep coming back and checking for more add ons.I always research a herb thoroughly and consider all my medical conditions before using just as you should if you consider using a herbal treatment for any purpose. Although herbs are natural they are still a medicine.

With this I add that medications containing aspirin although they may take the slight edge off they do of little use for us; and STAY AWAY from medications that contain Codeine as it effects are pain receptors in the adverse way causing us to feel pain more, this is known as rebound pain. I know I used to take them all the time until a specialist informed me of the vicious cycle behind pain and Codeine. There are other narcotics that doctors can prescribe for the unbearable pain that do not have the same vicious cycle as Codeine.

for FMS I have found some things to be an immense help:
1. Vitamin B 12 Methyl 1,000 MCG(Must be Methy Sublingual to pass the brain barrier)
2. Fish Oils For DHA and Omega 3- Good for Pain and mood
3. Flax Seed, Hemp Seed, Flax has Omega 3 and 6 and Hemp has Omega 3,6 and 9 in the perfect ration...due to IBS I have found Flax to be superior for me.
4.Valarian Tea and Passion Flower Tea both help to alleviate pain and relax the smooth muscles in the body as well as help sleep.
5.Magnsium and Sea Salt Baths I find a MUST...Mix in water and soak for a minimal of 20 minutes...this will help to relax those sore muscles, detox and helping the Lactic Acids in your muscles and help you sleep....WOW!

For those of you who may have FMS it's true source is really unknown, and although there are wide ranges of information out there for us; much of it is found to be controversial in my opinion. I personally believe that there is a reason and a source that causes all sickness and hopefully someday they will discover what it is that causes FMS; and once finding the source possibly they will find a cure. Although there is no present cure at this time, there are doctors out there who care enough to help our lives to be more liveable and comfortable; and for those who find this- realize how lucky you truely are. You can also help yourself by not expecting from yourself what you are no longer capable of doing and don't push your bodies too much. If you have FMS you will have it for a very long time if not for the rest of your life, and the best way to fight this painful syndrome is to accept it and learn how to live with it; as it will live and thrive quite well off of your denial of it.