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Lost Brother


It was an Easter morning as three children were hunting easter eggs- not knowing what their future was about to hold for them. The laughter of their voices rang through the trees and their love for each other sang with the winds; as the sun shown as bright and warm as their hearts.
You see they didn't have much; they lived in a beaten down old trailor and their loving mother had trouble even keeping shoes on their feet and food in their bellies, but her love for them was all they needed and their love for each other was what filled their hunger. John was the eldest although very young he tried to raise his little sisters; Sharon and Beth, while his mother struggled to work to keep them. John was only 5, but like a man accepted his responsiblility of helping to raise Beth who was 4 and Sharon who was only 3.
As the children were laughing and playing and counting their hunt they heard the screeching of the porch door open, and their mother's voice as soft as an angel's call out to them. She had something to say to them that was very important they needed to hear. The children gathered around her on the old broken wooden porch. "Hold your hands out children" she said. Their little hands reached out towards her and she placed a quarter in each of their open palms and asked if they knew what it was. John said, "Yes mommy its money".
Their mother's eyes began to soften with the wetness of the tears that were beginning to well in her eyes and she said "Yes John that is very good." The children felt her pain and knew something was about to change their lives; but still never dreamed of what was about to come. "I don't have enough of this money to take care of you children and give you the things you need so I will have to send you away for a while to someone who can take care of you."
The fear swallowed their insides as the children gazed into her loving eyes and the thoughts of life without her they could not picture; for they did not care about money all they wanted was their mother who loved them so much. The only thing that was of any comfort to them was they would still have each other; but little did they know...
A strange car pulled into the drive and a man pulled their mother aside and the children could hear their voices whispering; a whisper deciding their fates. Their mother approached them and knelt on her knees as if she were praying for God to step down and change all of their fates, "You have to go with this nice man he is going to take care of you." Sharon and Beth clung to her not wanting to go but their big brother John, as young as he was knew what had to be done. "I will take care of you sisters; it will be okay." The girls loved and trusted him and although their hearts were breaking they felt safe with John and if he said it was okay then it would be okay.
The last words their mother spoke was words that inspired great hopes into their little hearts; words that Sharon hung onto throughout her life. "When I get more of this money", she said as she pointed at the quarters in their hands that she had placed in them earlier, "I promise I will come back for you."
The road driving away from the broken down lives they all knew; seemed like a road of eternity as they looked out the back window of the car taking them away from the only person they ever really knew or loved. Leaving in their minds forever the imprint of her image. Her beautiful long black silky hair that glimmered like the moonlight, her voice that rang like the angel's in their ears, the smile that warmed their hearts like the sun, and the eyes that with one loving glance always made them feel as if no matter they would always be okay.
The rain began pouring down all around them; each pitter patter on the car window rang through their ears like a scary movie that couldn't be turned down. I wonder today... must have been the angels crying and mourning for the loss they all felt that day.
From this day forward their lives were changed; was supposed to have been for the better. Yet even with food filling their bellies never to know the hunger pains again; the emptiness in their hearts could never have made any change in their lives better. You see they not only lost their mother on that day but also were taken from one another; never to see each other as children again.
Their lives took different paths- but all to end up on the same road in the end. The road of life that would not allow their hearts to truely know or feel love again; for fear of feeling such loss and pain again, and the roads that were to intertwine would only add to the scars in their little souls.
Beth grew up with much anger in her heart striking out at those who would ever dare to love her; and sadly she carried her life over to the chilren's that she bore over the years. She gave up 8 of her own and her heart is filled with a darkness that has blocked out any ray of light. At the age of 35 she was reunited with her lost mother and sister but the pain and anger holds her at a distance even still.
Sharon grew up with one hope- to keep the promise her mother had made that one day they would be reunited. She still holds those memories of her childhood as if they were gold; clinging to all the pain and the love she had known. At her brink of adulthood she found her mother and now lives very near to her. The love between them is very strong as Sharon never carried any anger for her mother's decision that long ago day. Yet her heart aches for her sister's pain and anger, and for her lost brother John. Now don't get this wrong for John was found; but he is lost and can't be helped. For you see John lost his purpose on the day they took his sister's; he became confused and angry and didn't know what his life was intended for anymore. He made some mistakes along the way, but none that would deserve the injustice done to him today.
John spent most of his childhood in and out of delinquent centers; although he was adopted at a young age his heart had a hole in it. Desperate to fill that hole to take his pain he did many things in searching in vein for his purpose. Now at 37 he is sitting in a prison cell with a sentence of 25 years; and now that he knows where his mother and sisters are he still can't reach out to them nor they to him. He was legally charged for 3 offenses- none of which I might add were murder or rape and yet his life has once again been stolen away. His found family lives another world away and the poverty of money is still in their way. They can't help him as much as they pray to help him pay for a good defense to save his life. You see although John was guilty of the 2 prior offenses he is innocent of the last that now paves his way. They got John on the 3 strikes your out law and yet so many violent criminals the streets they still walk. My brother that has a heart of gold sits behind these bars of steel; knowing an old man he will be before he sees the sun shine again. I remember as a child and the times I was scared how the comforting words my brother spoke worked miracles erasing all that was bad. Now he reaches out to me from the bars and miles that won't set him free, my heart aches for him and the thought that after all he did for me him I can not help. As children money decided our fates and now once again it locks the gate.

This story you have read is a story from my heart; here I am Sharon but Mystify is how you know me now; I feel that in some way by writing this for other's to read and telling our story and how it effected my brother's fate; is the only way I can reach out to help him. I want everyone to know the in justice that has been done to a man who only needed to be loved, and the saddest thing is the troubles he always found was cause he lost his purpose when he could no longer love or take care of us. A man's whos desire to love and care for other's was so powerful that this tradgedy became his fate; is a man who's heart is truely golden and would do the world justice to be amongst us. This is not a man who should be behind bars on a 3 strikes your out law. A man who took care of me with all the love a heart could feel and helped me once again when I was 17 in a way that saved my life. I am rich in the love I feel for him- my dearest brother who took my childhood fears; my mother's love for him is rich as well; but in a material world all this love can not help John and his sentence.

UPDATE!! Who doubts Karma? We now have a younger member of the family living with us -"Michael" My grandson. Wow at this time in my life looking after a grandchild fulltime was certainly a surprise but he is so electric in his spirit. What a beautiful soul and I know we will be fine!! Ironically his name means God like and he will effect the lives of all those he touches through their struggles, fears, and careers and this has become sooo true to his spirit. His parents lost their way temporarily to a world of drugs, Please anyone reading this drugs DESTROY lives and families, My family is living testimony to this. For 2 years we have cried tears, blood sweat and tears. When one is addicted his addiction carries far beyond himself, we all become imprisoned in the world of addiction, pain, and confusion. We are still praying we don't lose our grandson permanently. So please listen to the voice I know you have and think of your mothers, your fathers, your friends, your children and their children, Be Strong!! To the supplier I ask you to consider is the money made worth the misery that is caused to the innoncence of the families you distribute too such as my 3 yr old grandchild? I hope I can find some resources for referral on drug addiction to soon add to this page.
NEW UPDATE-October 18,2008!! Please follow the Update of our
Family's Karmic Horror Story. We are in desperate need of help!!



My brother is a wonderful artist and yet does not himself recognize this wonderful talent. I am going to be placing some of his artwork on line for all eyes to see so please feel free to click on the link John's Expressions and share with me the only thing I have to show of my brother.

Written by: Mystify
Pictures drawn by: John William Corley

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