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Here are some heavenly angel backgrounds for you!! I hope you enjoy them. Angels are such beautiful things don't you think? We have always had the images in our minds of what they should look like in the heavens...I believe in angels; but believe that they exist in our physcial everyday world(not just heaven). I feel that the wings are the representations of the love and compassion that they have given in their lifetime...and also the struggles that they have won. The wings are like the awards for these things done. I believe angels walk amongst us without the visibility of their wings...they are the strangers who walk amongst us with the sole purpose of helping others in this world; guiding them towards the right path. They are the souls we have come to know and love; and although once their purpose is done with us and they move on they leave that never forgotten warm glow that reminds us of their once existance in our lives.

Heavenly Angel Backgrounds
The Full Backgrounds

The Border Backgrounds

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