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There is no cure for Endometriosis; but several methods of treatment do exist. The main goals for treatment success are to relieve and reduce the pain experienced; to shrink or slow down the patches of growth; to preserve or restore the fertility; and to prevent and delay any reoccurrance of the disease.

There is management of symptoms treatment; which is involved more with treating the pain without attempting to treat the disease itself. Usually medications that are anti-inflammatory will be used here. To help a patient with the pain some prescription drugs may be required or recommended; but over the counter drugs such as aspirin or tylenol may be helpful.

A patient may be placed on Hormonal Therapy which will aim at stopping the ovulation for as long as possible. Some hormone drugs that may be prescribed are progesterone, a testosterone derivative (danazol); a GnRH agonists; which is in reference to a gonadotrophin releaser;(Synarel or Zoladex)or oral contraceptives. The oral contraceptive will usually only benefit mild cases. These hormonal drugs will also carry with them not only their possible benefits but also their side effects which may pose to be a problem for some women. If you are on any of these medications you can look them up (just go to the searchonhealth box at top and type in your med to research their side effects. Some medications you may be prescribed are Duphaston, Provera, Depro-provera, Primolut N.

Surgery is also an option that will have to be considered especially if it is extreme. There is Conservative surgery which will have a goal of destroying any growths, relieve pain, and also hoepfully restore the fertility in order for some women to become pregnant. This may be done by a laparoscopy or a laparotomy. The laparotomy is a more extensive surgery with a full incision being made and a longer recovery period. The combination of Hormonal Therapy and Conservative surgery may be beneficial to some women.

Another surgery option is Radical surgery; this would be recommended by doctors in extreme cases of Endometriosis; it involves the removal of all growths, a hysterectomy and removal of ovaries. This is a decision that many may be forced to decide at one point; regardless of their age. If in case where Radical surgery may be recommended one should seek a second opinion; as the surgery is a dramatic one which will effect your body afterwards. If one considers this option possibly they should inquire as to keeping their ovaries so that some natural hormones are still secreted within their own bodies. I personally have been forced to face this decision; but I chose not to go through with it; although because of my refusal my doctor now refuses to do any more minor surgeries using the laser method. But for me; I am alright with that; as I do not feel I am ready for that big decision at this point. This is a decision that must be made by each individual based on themselves and what they feel is best for them.

Alternative natural methods might be to do a gentle liver detox to balance your hormones... I used Milk thistle for a year and still do alternatively...B12 Methy and B6 is also good for hormonal issues even PMS, For uterine and ovarian pain I drink Raspberry Tea and Take Flax Seed Oil or Powder to modulate the estrogen levels.