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Endometriosis causes infertility in even the mildest cases of its victims. This is caused by the scar tissue it generates, and the blockage it creates within the woman's reproductive system. In many cases it causes such an inflammation to the cervix that the sperm can not penetrate properly to allow conception. This can be very devastating and heartbreaking to a couple who is trying to have children. If you as a couple have been trying for quite some time without any success there are other options to be considered if you speak with your doctor. One of these options would be artificial insemination.

Although many of our doctors will tell us of infertility problems we will suffer from with Endometriosis; some do not tell us of the risk involved. If we do concieve; we may not be able to carry the pregnancy to full term because of the scar tissue that our Uterus has endured. I concieved before I knew I had Endometriosis and experienced abnormal swelling and pain. In my 4th month I miscarried the baby; and experienced the labor pain and contractions for a year before I was diagnosed as having Endometriosis.

I was informed by my doctor after minor laser treatment to try and concieve again as a pregnancy would help slow the endometrial growth down and also increase fertility and decrease the pain. But what I was never told is that the scar tissue would weaken the Uterus causing a higher risk of yet another miscarriage than a woman without Endometriosis. I was lucky this time; although trying to conceive made each month an eternity for me; I finally did concieve and this pregnancy did carry to full term. But knowing now the risk I was never informed of horrifies me; as the first miscarriage had really devastated me emotionally; I don't think I could have handled another one. So I am informing others that yes there is a risk of miscarriage. I believe that in knowing this- taking it very easy with feet up a lot would help to decrease this risk; the less strain on the uterus the better. It may also be beneficial that once a pregnancy is concieved to obstain from sexual activities. This is just my own reasoning using common sense; although a doctor may tell you different. I feel that the less strain to a weakened uterus and cervix the less risk of miscarrying.

A woman who is trying to concieve a child and has either experienced the difficulties of conception or miscarriages needs a lot of love, understanding and support; as this can be one of the most trying and painful times in her life that she will ever have to endure; not just miscarrying, but the devastation of wanting a child and not being able to concieve will play a great toll on her emotions.

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