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Endometriosis is a disease or condition where the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus; these patches of growth are referred to as lesions. These endometrium tissues have been found growing on the bowel, bladder, in the abdomen, areas in between the vagina and the rectum and other peritoneal surfaces. Although less common areas they may also be found growing on the lungs, arms, thighs, and other areas as well.

These lesions; as they are referred to; respond to a woman's menstral cycle in the same way that the uteran lining does. Meaning each month the tissue builds up and then breaks down and sheds. The crucial difference between the shedding and breaking down of the uteran lining and the lesions, is that menstral shedding; bleeds and leaves the body through the vagina. The lesions break down and bleed but have no way to leave the body; this causes internal bleeding and inflammation. This inflammation causes a great deal of pain and bowel problems. They will also cause scar tissue and infertility.

Although cases of Endometriosis can vary it is noted that even the smallest lesions can cause severe pain; sometimes even worse pain than those who may have more lesions. This being so in the case where the lesion is located near a nerve and aggravates it. With the lesions also comes adhesions. This is when the lesions break down and bleed the body naturally forms an adhesion to try to cover the raw area. Now, wherein the lesion becomes trapped and active under an adhesion; this can cause decapacitating pain. Some lesions may remain inactive while others are active invading any structures that are nearby. This can cause organs that would normally float freely in the pelvic to become stuck together. Any movements of one single one of those organs can result in severe pain. These movements being ovaries during ovulation; or movement during sexual intercourse.

Cysts can develop as a result of Endometriosis; these cysts can range in size from small to quite large. This type of cysts is referred to as an endometrioma. It is caused by the lack of the central blood supply wherein the lesion has resulted in such case; by the destruction and degeneration of the localized blood supply(most likely the ovaries). That is not in any way to assume that if one has Endometriosis and an ovarian cysts that they are related; or that because they have a cysts they have Endometriosis. The proper medical test should be done to determine the region or source of any cyst.

Endometriosis is a chronic disease effecting many women and girls in a very large ratio; and it holds no prejudice to the ages of the victims it choses. The cause of this disease that afflicts so many of us; and so painfully, is not known. Theory states that it may be connected to the immune system or hormones; which causes this tissue to grow in some women. It is also believed that it is genetic and may be passed down within the family. It has also been noted that many who suffer from Endometriosis also suffer from Fibromyalgia I don't know if there is any relevance to this, but I do find it rather odd.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis approximately 6 years ago; after I had suffered labor pains and contractions continually for a year after I had a miscarriage. I had miscarried in the 4th month of my pregnancy; this was both a devastating severe trauma to my physical body and my emotional state. After a whole year of agonizing vaginal and rectal pain, and uteran contractions (as if I was still in labor) a doctor with a quick physical exam was able to diagnose me with Endometriosis. The next step was for him to do a Laproscopy to confirm his diagnosis. This procedure is the only way to confirm the presence of Endometriosis and give minor surgery with laser treatments as well. This was my first roller coaster ride in the events that were to take place in my health. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well; and already having been a migraine sufferer; pain became my trusty companion; I could always count on it to be there for me.

I believe that unless one suffers from this disease it is difficult to understand the degree of the pain it causes. I refer to it as if I were in labor; with the severe lower back pain, and uteran contractions. The pelvic and rectal pain and spasms I encounter at times make it difficult to sit comfortably. The pain that endometriosis brings into one's life though stems way beyond that of the physical aspect; as it greatly impacts our physcological state as well. One reason for this being because it effects relationships or marriages of many women who suffer from it. Many women become frigid due to the pain that intercourse brings with Endometiosis; therefor it is very difficult to become aroused when you know that sexual experience does not bring the physcial pleasure that it once may have. The pain of intercourse can stay with you for several days afterwards, very often a presence of swelling as well. This puts a great strain on the woman; leading to guilt feelings she can not please her spouse. In turn as well; many men do not truely understand this pain and feel as if their spouse just is not aroused by them anymore. This can play quite an emotional roller coaster ride on an intimate relationship unless the woman is very specific to her mate on her feelings; and her mate needs to be very understanding and sympathetic. Another reason for the emotional pain is the severe pain that a woman with this disease must endure; not to mention the options that she is forced to consider carefully to help resolve her situation; in reference to treatment.

As Endometriosis tends to be in connection with a woman's hormones she may find that there are certain cycles in her monthly cycle wherein the pain will become more intense. These cycles of pain for each woman may vary as does her cycle from other women. I personally find that my cycle of more intense pain is triggered before and during my menustration. There is so much more that one can learn about Endometriosis for which reason I have placed some links for you to gain more knowledge and understanding of what is happening within your body. These links will be found at the bottom of this page.




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