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Friendship has no barriers - whether be time, distance, age,
or race.
It offers companionship to share happy times, yet a will to share troubled times.
It is a necessary element in a social structure if it is to
survive within a proper balance.
Friendship carries a mutual respect and understanding for that
which is different.
It must offer a gentleness within, a love in times of emotional
hunger, a desire to share glorious moments and yet a firm
hand when it is required.
A true friendship never dies even when the physcial plane of
existance finds an ending- as it flows through the spiritual
being.......that which travels through infinity.

I dedicate this to all my friends and in case some of you are not sure who you may be.., BB, Chax,Shadow, Steve, Physchic,Blue, and Rider).
I should also include my friends outside of Cyber land....Dave, Kathy, and
last but not least my chldren!!All of these special people have taught me
something special about friendship and love and will always have a warm
place in my heart.


Some of my favorite verses I have come across that seem to explain life in my opinion!!


I would rather have a little rose
From the garden of a friend;
than flowers strewn round my casket
when my days on earth must end.

I would rather have a living smile
from one I know is true
than tears shed round my casket
when this world I bid ado.

Giving me all the flowers today
whether pink white or red
I would rather have one blossom
than a truck full when I am dead.

author unknown bar




Some say eat or be eaten
some say live and let live
but all are agreed as they
join the stampede- you should
never take more than you give.

In the circle of life, its
the wheel of fortune
its the leap of faith
its the band of hope
til we find our place
on the path unwinding
In the circle of life.

Some of us fall by the wayside
and some of us soar to the stars
and some of us sail through all
our troubles, and some of us
have to live with the scars
..........In the circle of life.

written by Tim Rice
lyrics from "The Lion King"

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