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Dave's Hunting Page !!!!

This page is dedicated to hunter's around the world, for the love of the sport and the love of the animal.. I love to hunt and many of my friends hunt as well..

I am planing on putting some real cool links on this page to other hunting sites. So scroll down this page if you love to hunt !!!!

I love to waterfowl hunt,In the area that I hunt we get alot of Mallard ducks,Woodducks,and Canada Geese. I hunt with a Lakefeild Mossberg 835 Ulti Mag shotgun, We usually do pretty good but today was Sept 25/98 and I didnt shoot a darn duck....*pout* But Hey the season is just getting going....*S* I just hunt locally around where I live .. The only travelling I do for hunting is to go north to do some Moose & Deer hunting which I think is a total blast we go for a week of Moose and a week of Deer hunting, We just got a new Beagle for Deer hunting so this year will be a alot of

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