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Howdy to all that stop by !!!!!! If you hit this page there will always be regular changes with it so be sure to come back often over as we have some big plans for this page and there will be many changes with it......LOL!!!! For those of you who have already been here hit the refresh button so you are able to always catch any changes and updates made. :)

A little about Myst and myself we are a couple of puter junkies !!!!!! We both like country music !!! Myst enjoys writing poetry !!! Dave enjoys Hunting and fishing !!!! And we both love ICQ!!!!

We have our own individual pages so that we can share more with you about ourselves; so please feel free to take the different paths offered to you and enjoy!!


This is a list of some of our favorite sites

If you want to take Mystify's path click here !!
Dave's Side !!
This is the way to some awesome wildlife pics and videos!!!
PM Software
All your computer needs.....Software & Hardware check it out
some really cool games to play online!!!
This is a cool chat line for everyone !!!!


Please take a moment to sign are guestbook; it is always nice to hear from others in cyber land.

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