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When my child was born I loved him with all my heart and soul;
and as he grew I did my best to teach him right from wrong;
wanting to protect him from the hard lessons of life I had known;
and to keep him from all that I had never dared to know.

When he awoke in the night with the closet monster frights;
I would make all the monsters go away with a simple hug and "everything is alright."
When he fell and scraped his knee and the tears washed down his cheek;
with one gentle little kiss I could send all the pain and tears away.

When he tried something new and felt hurt because he felt he had failed
I tought him that to simply try was all that he could do; that trial and error did not equal failure.
When he took his first chochlate bar from a store; I took him by the hand;
and with love I made him face the consequences; even though the humility he would suffer would break both our hearts.

When a child is born; a parent's love and world is all that he knows;
But as he grows; the world around him also grows with the eagerness to learn lessons on his own.
The parent is no longer his only teacher; he begins to chose his own teachers and lessons to learn.
The values I struggled so hard to teach him; would no longer be the only values he would learn.

No longer would I stand alone as the teacher to my own;
Because we give birth and love our child only guides them but does not make them;
For whom they become is their choice when all is said and done;
I can only show my child the light; and hope that he choses to do right.

You see; I am simply a small voice amongst many that he now knows in his life;
and the sadness of reality is that all the teachers and thier values and morals do not unite.
If the other teachers in his world offer him no consequences within society's norms and rules;
Then my consequences as well become somewhat meaningless; and I as the parent becomes the unjust and the problem to the criminal child.

The social glare at the parent who has a criminal child; as they fail to accept thier roles within in his life;
The schools that fail to enforce the rule of life that actions equal consequences;
The Legal figures that allowed crimes he had committed to pass him by;
taking pity upon him and showing him the easy way out was to find someone else to blame.

The scorning pointing fingers at the parent of a criminal child; must be something I am not doing right.
To the holders of these judgements I ask; Is it so wrong to love my child? To want the best for him; to help him to grow better than I?
To love and care enough to support him not only with love but also with descipline when it is required?
Is it so wrong; to sometimes holler and scream words out of love; with the simple hope he will hear?

Was I so wrong; when I begged society's hand to care enough to descipline him as I would?
If all these things are wrong; then I am guilty as charged; tis a shame when a parent's love is considered so wrong.
My heart weeps for the child who has known no descipline; for his right to learn has been stolen;
My heart weeps for the parent of the criminal child; who is forced to carry all the guilt and blame of all the teachers he has ever known.

I as a parent can only teach my child my lessons; in hopes that he may learn them well;
showing him only the right paths in life with the strong light;
but others will come and show him the paths I have fought so desperately to steer him from;
And my words of comfort and kisses and hugs will not be able to keep the pains, tears, and monsters away.

My heart is broken; as I fear this battle to save my child has been lost;
And although I would do anything for my child; even give my life to save his;
I can not save him from his own or society's demise; the social classroom is winning this war;
Because sometimes a parent's love is not enough.
......after all- parents stand singular in this big world through a child's eyes.

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