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Who am I that walks into the depths of each man's soul;
and to capture his every mind and soul is my only goal?
I can give life forever, to he who follows me;
and powers beyond what he ever thought there could be.

Who am I that clutches each man's mind with cold clammy hands,
and wishes he to answer to my every command?
I can appear to man in any size, shape, or form;
I am the fire deep within his soul that burns so warm.

It was man himself- that did create me;
with all the hatred he brought into this world of hell to be.
I can not be destroyed, first every man himself first must die-
because it is he he feeds and nourtures me; and this he continues to deny.

There is no escape from me, for I am so very near;
Take my offer of Life and Power, and you shall know no fear.
You can not run, for my powers are undefeatable.......
no matter how far away you are(to me)you are reachable.

I will not rest until the world has become mine;
and every man has tasted of my bitter wine.
Yes, man has created something he can not control-ME;
For I have powers so much greater than he.

Who am I...speaking to you in this nightmare;
Who are warnings to dare?
For I am in your mind, and this nightmare shall not end.
Who am I?
.........I am friend.

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