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LIFE butterfly

What is life to those who are wealthy and alive?
What is life to those who have to struggle to survive?
So many of us take advantage of the life given beauty
and the mere thought of death we can not see.

How can it be possible that any life is more equal than another?
For in all kinds of life there is a certain hunger.
Because we are human does not make us any more precious;
for all other lives the world is spacious.

Even the plants need tender loving care;
lest they be left bare.
For they not only depend on nature, but also man;
for the rules of nature- he first must understand.

The animals in this world were given to use for us to care,
and in return our reward was their world with us they would share.
Let us not destroy this bond between all living things,
for nothing could be worse than in these facts....disbelieving.

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