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Death's pale white face;
challenging life to a race.
His ghostly hands reach for you,
and your choices become few.

Like a defeated eagle's cry,
as he clumsily falls from the sky.
Like a child's lonely moan;
who knows he is all alone.

In the morning there is no sun;
your nights and days become one.
You hear Death's soft whisper;
and you feel you can't go much further.

You realize there is so much to do
before Death's cold hands clutch you,
but the footsteps become louder.......
and you thought you could live forever..

You wake up in the night
and clutch your pillow tight;
You see Death standing over you;
and you know there is nothing you can do.

You close your eyes and cry,
and feel cold hands under you beginning to pry.
You feel your body being lifted slowly.......
all of the sudden you feel free.

A voice is whispering in your ear;
and you feel a certain fear.
You know to keep your eyes closed;
as everything around you becomes froze.

Soon the fear becomes solace;
and you feel you found your place.
All your fear of Death disappears angel
as the sound of ringing bells reach your ears.

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