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Oh, Little Angel; you are so young and many things in life you can not understand;
But I know you love me as I love you when you touch my hand.
And oh, what a special love it was that had come to be in my heart,
As, during your whole life, I had dreamed I would always be a part.

Pictures of you hanging on my wall warm my heart and dampen my eyes.
Scribblings made by your little hands in my view, are of first prize.
Picking up little messes on the floor, that you had made so proudly...
Now leave thoughts of how so precious you are to me.

You are so beautiful, and that beauty had truely touched my soul,
And to always be there for you had become my life's goal.
When I think about the memories stored in my mind about you;
My heart overflows with a special love, so deep and so true.

I watched you grow and learn new things each day; And no matter which different paths in life we may take, that love will surely stay.....
Because Little Angel it is a love we shared together.....
And a love that is shared is a love forever.

Written by

This poem was written for child that I had raised for 3 years and held close contact with her until she was 6 years old. There came a time I had to chose to let her go; the hardest thing I ever had to do. Although physically this child is no longer in my life she always lives in my heart and soul.


Back ground came from:A Little Piece of My Heart Graphics

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