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An old man sat all alone last night....
looking out his window for some sign of light.
A sign of light, that someone - anyone still cared,
and also had lonely feelings that needed to be shared.

As the pain began to fill his heart; his eyes began to fill with tears.
He glanced sadly at the letter he had believed in for two years...
A belief that had now become his sole pain;
and left his heart crying out in vain.

The old man weakly stood up and crossed the floor,
"Yes, yes" he said to himself; "alas love has shut its doors".
He reached for a bottle of whiskey - his only friend;
a friend that could; for a while, bring the pain to an end.

The old man sat and slowly drank all his pains away,
forgetting all his tomorrows and yesterdays.
Even then; the letter was still held tightly within his hand,
but through his eyes the words appeared to blow away like sand.

The drunken old man turned around and saw a reflection of his face;
Yes, in his eyes and wrinkled face - life had certainly left its trace.
As he faced himself, he asked as if to a stranger; "Who are you now? What more will you ever be? What more can you ever do?"

He clumsily stumbled blindly to find the door;
beneath his feet, he could not feel the floor.
There must be an escape - he just had to get away....
Yes, the pain was back and it was here to stay.

The old man awoke in a gutter early the next day;
looking up he saw many people pass his way.
He weakly moaned out for a helping hand;
Desperately needing someone by his side to stand.

As he lay there; he realized he was on his own,
and in his dying eyes; sadness through them shown.
He heard people whispering all around,
and their laughter at the old man they had found.

To them; the old man was only a mere side-show;
and his needs and wants they did not care to know.
Slowly the tears began to dampen his wrinkled face,
As he thought,"For love in this world there is no space."

Even the little children's voices rang sharply in his ears,
and he wondered.....where was his child he had waited to see for two years?
Was the old man forgotten because he had grown old?
For the eyes that glared at him appeared so cold.

The old man looked upwards; to that heavenly heard of place,
and asked,"Oh God above, for me, might you have a space?"
He closed his crying eyes and waited to die
for he knew never again would he have to cry.

His hand dropped; and by his side the letter fell;
the letter that had put him through those years of hell.
Slowly the crowd began to drift away;
for tomorrow another old man would pass this way.

They buried the old man later that day;
Yes; another nameless, unknown, forgotten old man had found his way;
Leaving behind all the unfull-filled promises that were made...
Said the letter that by his side had laid.

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