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He was sixteen when he turned twenty-0ne;
he built a world, and called it his very own.
He never knew, nor cared for anyone else,
he was trying to satisfy a thirst he felt inside.

Day after day....he began to wilt away;
and soon he became an old man.
He became tired and worn out,
and could hear only the "Scream Of Silence"

He would sit and stare at the colors on the wall....
he felt peace of mind with "Satan's Needle",
and answering only to the raging scream in his veins.....
he picked up the poisoned needle.

He promised this would be the last time;
as he quenched the thirst in his blood.
The needle dropped by his side
and a smile replaced his frown.

They found him yesterday just lying there;
and grimaced,"Just another junkee-kid".
At sixteen he had lived his whole life....
tis a one even knew his name.

Written by:

We need only to listen carefully and answer the scream of silence to help.



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