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I spent a great deal of my time while building my webpage looking for nice graphics and found this was a very time consuming process.. so I started making my own. These are some of the graphics I found to be the best from my bunch of creativity attempts. I am going to catagorize them into full backgrounds or bordered backgrounds as some people prefer one over the other. I now also have another graphics section which has a large variety of wildlife, mystical types such as unicorns, and pets for you to chose from. Just visit Mystify's Graphics . I use three different programs hand in hand to make my graphics; and try to keep them as small in size as possible to help with the loading time of the webpages. These graphics are free- all I ask is that you link back to my site using the logo provided. Just download my logo and then upload it to your own server and link it to this page. I know sometimes that can be a bit annoying; but as much time was invested into making these images it is a little price to pay. By doing this you are helping others know where they can visit to get some graphics for their web site. I don't require this link or logo placement but lets help others to come and grab some graphics for their sites. THANKS AND PLEASE ENJOY!!!!! If you are a wolf lover and like these graphics then you would enjoy
My Dedication To The Wolves.


Also if you are looking for nice realistic wildlife transparent gifs my young daughter Pegasus has a sight for adopting wildlife cyber pets and they do make a nice addition to your web page. Please check them out!!:)

adopt a cyber wildlife



UPDATE!! We now have a younger member of the family living with us -"Michael" My grandson. Wow at this time in my life looking after a grandchild fulltime was certainly a surprise but he is so electric in his spirit. What a beautiful soul and I know we will be fine!! Ironically his name means God like and he will effect the lives of all those he touches through their struggles, fears, and careers and this has become sooo true to his spirit. His parents lost their way temporarily to a world of drugs, Please anyone reading this drugs DESTROY lives and families, My family is living testimony to this. For 2 years we have cried tears, blood sweat and tears. When one is addicted his addiction carries far beyond himself, we all become imprisoned in the world of addiction, pain, and confusion. We are still praying we don't lose our grandson permanently. So please listen to the voice I know you have and think of your mothers, your fathers, your friends, your children and their children, Be Strong!! To the supplier I ask you to consider is the money made worth the misery that is caused to the innoncence of the families you distribute too such as my 3 yr old grandchild? I hope I can find some resources for referral on drug addiction to soon add to this page.

NEW UPDATE-October 18,2008!! Please follow the Update of our
Family's Horror Story. We are in desperate need of help!!


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